Why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat?

roof of my mouth hurt
roof of my mouth hurt

The upper part of your mouth goes through a lot of hurdles. The upper part, basically the hard palate can swell because of certain reasons.

These causes explain the answer to the question of almost all individuals that why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat?

  1. Trauma:

There are a number of reasons adding to this cause. Some may include:

  • Blisters or pockets of burned skin appear on the roof of mouth if one eats very hot food.
  • Firm fruits and vegetable or tortilla chips also hurts the upper part of mouth a lot.
  • If you scratch the hard palate, get ready to face swelling and inflammation.
  1. Sores:

Roof of mouth sores are caused because of the changes in hormones or fluctuations in stress level. The most irritating sores are the canker sores. They develop near your teeth on cheek or gums. They may not appear a lot on your roof top. Cold sores are caused because of the main virus known as herpes simplex virus. You have to bear this virus only for a week even if it goes untreated. First this sore appears on your lip and then extends to the hard palate.

  1. Imbalance of electrolyte:

Your body fluids are your electrolytes. If you want your body to function properly, must maintain the level of your body fluids. A number of systems pop up if there is any fluctuation in the levels of electrolytes.

roof of my mouth sore

roof of my mouth sore

Cancer and serious conditions:

One must not ignore the swellings on mouth as it may get very serious. This may lead to oral cancer. It can also be a sign of hepatitis if the swelling forms a relation with tenderness in abdomen.

When must you see a doctor?

If the condition starts to worsen, it is time for you to go and let a doctor attend you. If you are not sure about seeing a doctor, clear these queries in your head.

  1. Is the pain really severe?
  2. Is there any change in swelling? Is it getting worse or healing?
  3. Are there any other symptoms than swelling?
girl having roof of mouth pain

girl having roof of mouth pain

Process of examination!     

You keep thinking “why does the roof of my mouth hurt when I eat?” while the doctor makes examinations and answers your question. He may just need to take a small look at your mouth if it is not too bad. But if you are in immense pain and swelling seems very bad, he will use cell scrapings to check your mouth. Your cells will be examined under a microscope so that doctor can find the real reason behind the roof of mouth sores.


In most cases, you won’t need any treatment and the swelling will go on its own. You must take care of your skin if it is very sensitive. If the roof of mouth feels irritated with certain foods you eat, stop consuming them. If you do not feel better within a week, hurry and consult a doctor.

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