What makes twitter one of the most favorite networks?

Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Twitter is among the first names that come to mind when someone talks about social media. What is so special about Twitter that makes it so popular among the users? Despite the slight decline in the hype that was created around it when it was first introduced, it is still widely popular because Twitter has features that many other social media networks have failed to provide. Making friends and getting Likes on Twitter is the aim of many teenagers of this era and this widespread fame that it has bagged is not without reason.

What makes Twitter so special?

  1. You get to keep up with the celebrities lives

Hearing that your favorite celebrity has her own Twitter account is not uncommon. Fans and Followers from around the globe are given the opportunity to get to know about their private lives of these celebrities. Twitter is a platform that provides the users the chance to get to know even the thoughts of their role models. Unlike other social media sites, Twitter is designed specifically to allow users to share their personal thoughts and feelings. Even famous political figures like Donald Trump now have their Twitter accounts. What can be a better platform to engage with such celebrities?

Twitter social media

Twitter social media

  1. You can get news before anyone else does

With Twitter, it is no secret that what no one else knows, Twitter users know. News breaks here faster than it does anywhere else. For those looking for specific, latest news, hash tags make the process a lot easier. You need not to go through any hassle to get the latest news. Perhaps this is why Twitter is so popular among journalists.

  1. Twitter parties

Another unique feature of Twitter that contributes to its popularity is the ‘Twitter parties’. As a social media site, Twitter is meant to engage people from around the globe through pictures and videos. In addition to posting tweets, users are also able.

Twitter followers

Twitter followers


Twitter, unlike many other social media sites, allow the users to retweet other people’s tweets. Retweets ensure that the hash tags you see on Twitter are unlike those in any other social media site. Marketers mainly make use of Twitter parties which are online events meant to engage people in discussions on particular topics. In order to engage in the discussion, the users must tweet using the Twitter party’s hash tag.

Twitter chats on the other hand, although quite similar, involve discussions on different topics. These topics are more general than Twitter chats which mostly include discussions on brands.

Like all social media sites, Twitter is meant to bring together people from all across the globe to share their experiences and thoughts. What is unique about Twitter is that its 140-word limit ensures that the main focus is on sharing personal thoughts. Twitter is used mostly for low priority contacts and less responsibility for what you post because the post disappears after a short while.

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