What is TikTok and how to make duet (Full Guide)

In the social media app TikTok, you don’t have to perform solo, you can also start a duet and create it together with others. In this guide, we explain how you can do a duet in TikTok.

What is TikTok?

The TikTok app is currently the latest craze among music-loving kids. The mixture of video apps and social media community already has over 1 million users worldwide and is also difficult to come by. With TikTok, you can record short videos, store them with a piece of music of your choice and thus become a social media star on the TikTok community from your own bedroom – and best of all: TikTok also works as a duet with others People.

TikTok: More fans, more hearts – the tips

Have you ever wondered how someone could get over 2 million fans without being a “real celebrity”? And how does he collect absurdly many hearts / likes every day at TikTok?

Then just think about how it came about that you noticed this. You may not have been specifically looking for users who have millions of Tik-Tok fans. You noticed it on the side rather than looking at the profile of someone you follow. And you follow it for several reasons:

  • Maybe someone shared a video of him with you, and you decided to follow him.
  • It may also be that you happened to see a video in your feed and followed it after you liked another video.

You already have two reasons for the following someone, and you can try to imitate it. Basically, all of this can be summarized in one tip, which is much easier than it sounds.

TikTok: record duet – what’s still possible?

Sometimes you get requests from other people who want to do a duet with you. Depending on whether you feel like it, you can respond to it or ignore the request. Incidentally, the recording of the duet works directly in the app; simply record the video as usual. TikTok then automatically cuts a duet with the other person and provides the video with a corresponding tag. If you want to get more visibility on your duet, buy TikTok views and shares from InstaDean.

TikTok: record duet – how it works

With the duet function, you can start a collab with other people who are also registered with TikTok and record TikTok clips in the team. The person in question does not have to be present, and on-site, you simply send a request to the person you want to do a duet with. The only requirement is that you follow the person in question (and in return, they are also a follower of you).

How to start a duet in TikTok:

  1. Open the app and switch to your profile (icon with the head at the bottom right).
  2. Then tap Follow on your profile screen to see a list of all the people you follow.
  3. Select the person with whom you want to start a duet from the list and then tap the video again at the bottom of the screen.
  4. On the start screen of your follower, you now tap on the three horizontal dots.
  5. Now a screen opens with various options – tap on Start duet now.

That’s it: you send a request to the person in question – if you get a positive answer, you can start the duet.