5 Incredible Time-Saving Tips to Help Grow Your Brand on Instagram

Grow Your Brand

Managing an Instagram account can be particularly time-consuming for the Community Manager, both in the design of visuals, the writing of captions, the posts, and the management of advertising campaigns.

In this context, we will suggest throughout this article 5 ways to save time in the management of this social network.

1) Create posts from your computer

Creating and scheduling posts from your computer has many benefits, including considerable time savings. Here are two tools that will allow you to improve the design of your posts.

Canva, graphic creation software, allows you to edit photos online. Its simple use makes it a true ally of Community Managers.

Adobe Spark offers users the possibility of creating visual posts that catch the eye of your followers and some tools offers to buy Instagram followers like Activeig, buzziod, instaboostgram, stromlikes etc. It also allows you to make collages, create graphics, videos, and share them easily on Instagram.

2) Share the contents of your community

User-generated content is more memorable and more reliable than the posts offered by brands.

After requesting permission from the author of the original content to share their photos, you can do the sharing manually:

  • Take a photo capture (on mobile or computer)
  • Save the capture
  • Add your caption by naming the author of the photo
  • Publish it on Instagram

If you prefer, there are applications that allow you to repost an Instagram photo:

  • Repost on mobile
  • Gramblr on desktop

Many brands use user-generated content to save time in their strategy, but also to boost their editorial line.

3) Prepare several posts at the same time

For optimal time management, learn to do similar tasks at the same time. By doing so, you improve your productivity while being at 100% of your concentration. The idea is to create your editorial line over a week or even a month, if possible. You create all the visuals at once, and you write the captions. Then, all you have to do is plan your posts.

To do this, use tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, or OnlyPult.

4) Give yourself a daily time slot to manage your account

Despite the many tasks that you face on a daily basis, it is essential to keep a specific time slot to manage your Instagram account. You can keep for 1 hour at the start of the day or two periods of 30 minutes. It’s up to you, depending on the size and responsiveness of your community.

Take care to note this time slot in your planning. Until that is the case, you will find it difficult to stick to it.

If possible, during this time, close the door of your office and cut yourself off from any distractions: e-mail, telephone, and other social networks.

5) Prepare hashtags in advance

According to AgoraPulse, Instagram posts with hashtags generate 70% more engagement.

Finding and writing hashtags for all of your posts takes time. To gain productivity, use a note-taking application such as Evernote. Prepare the regularly used hashtags and those related to your brand. Fill your notes regularly with the hashtags used by your community or your competitors.

By doing so, you no longer have to search for the hashtags that interest you; you just have to copy and paste them.

By following these few tips, you will save time in the managing your Instagram account. In the end, you will be able to post at more regular intervals, be more responsive, and benefit from a better image with your community.