How to prevent sebaceous filaments?

sebaceous filaments
sebaceous filaments

Do you feel blackheads like things on your skin that don’t go away no matter how hard you try? Make sure to watch out for those because they might actually be sebaceous filaments. Nothing to worry about really because much like anything else, this condition can be treated or prevented altogether. As annoying as they may seem and stopping you from carrying a perfect look, there is a solution to that. If you are someone who has faced, do face such an issue or know someone who goes through this problem, this article is yours to read.

They always say that prevention is better than cure. So let’s go with that and see what steps can be done to prevent the development of sebaceous filaments so that cure isn’t needed later. But firstly, we shall see what they are.

What are sebaceous filaments?

Made up of oil forming around the follicle of the hair, sebaceous filaments are enlarging the pore and on making it to the skin surface, they can easily get oxidized hence turning black or grey. Because of the color and look they may seem somewhat like regular blackheads, but they really aren’t.

How to prevent the growth of sebaceous filaments?

cure sebaceous filaments

cure sebaceous filaments

Yes, these sebaceous filaments do, without doubt, destroy your skin but not to worry! There are ways to prevent them as described below.

  1. Ensuring cleanliness

Skin exfoliation, the removal of dead cells can be a good way to prevent the growth of sebaceous filaments. At a local drugstore, you may find any enzyme peels. They are an effective way to deal with the issue because they work to dissolve the sebaceous filaments by the way of removing the outer layers of the skin. A good option will be looking for products containing pumpkin, pineapple and papaya enzymes.

Also, try to use makeup cleansers and creams that don’t block your pores. Moreover, a wash with exfoliating scrubs on weekly basis can reduce chances of developing sebaceous filaments.

  1. Cutting off oil with stripping, masking and peeling

One of the goof ways to reduce this problem is to lower down the oil content of the skin since they have less chances of being formed when oil is not present. Using a clay mask for half an hour once in a week may be a helpful solution.

cure sebaceous filaments fast

cure sebaceous filaments fast

  1. Making use of IPL facial

If the above methods do not work, you may need to take a step further. Sebaceous filaments can be prevented with a photo facial of intense pulsed light or simply IPL facial. These gentle pulses of light help to treat the sebaceous filaments.

Furthermore, another non-invasive treatment for the sebaceous filament is using a non-invasive dioxide laser. This helps to greatly reduce the sizes of the pores and gives your skin a refreshed look. With pores of a smaller size, there is a lesser chance of developing sebaceous filaments. Hence, this may be considered a good solution to prevent sebaceous filaments.

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