How Do You Take Care of Dentures With Soft Liner?

How Do You Take Care of Dentures With Soft Liners

Soft Liner and Denture

Soft liner plays a pivotal role in maintaining the dentures. Soft liner is a pliable and soft layer of material. It is fitted between the denture surface and the oral tissues of an individual. The main function of this soft liner is to absorb the shock between your gums and the hard base of your denture. They are used when retrofitting the existing dentures or creating a new one.

Cleaning of Soft Dentures

Cleaning of Soft Dentures

The cleaning of dentures is not a hard nut to crack.

  • To clean the dentures, firstly soak them.
  • Then by dint of soft-bristles brush make sure to thoroughly brush them.
  • After that, use the non-abrasive denture cleaner to remove plaque, food, and other remaining.
  • Moreover, if you are using adhesive dentures, make sure to thoroughly clean the grooves in order to remove the left-over adhesiveness.
  • Not only this but also keep in mind not to use any denture cleaner inside your mouth. To properly clean the dentures, soak them overnight.

Soft Liners and Full Denture

To avoid any complications, make sure to replace the tissue conditioning material. The material must need to be replaced after three to five days or more than 2 weeks. Until or unless the damaged oral mucosa returns to its healthy and original state.

Soaking of Dentures with a Soft Liner


To clean the lined dentures you need to follow the proper set of instructions.

  • Firstly, rinse the dentures under the running water.
  • After that, lightly brush them with mild hands.
  • To get a better result, avoid soaking it in the denture cleaning solution.
  • To allow the material to easily flow, tissues healing, and show adaption to the mouth, make sure to wear the dentures for a much longer time. The time period contains the time you visited the dentist until your next appointment.

Vinegar and Dentures

dentures cleaning

Whitening toothpaste or even regular toothpaste are hazardous for dentures. Never use them to clean the dentures as they are very harsh. A few denture wearers use other mediums i.e. dishwashing soap or mild hand to clean them. Avoid harsh products i.e. baking soda, bleach, and vinegar as they can cause serious damage and scratches to the dentures. Denture scratches ultimately lead to harbor bacterial growth and denture odor.

Toothpaste to Clean Dentures

No matter how bad the situation is, don’t use toothpaste to clean the dentures. Instead, use a denture cleaner.

Hot and Cold Water

You have a lot of options according to los gatos dentist, which you can opt for to clean the dentures. You can either scrub them with dishwashing soap, mouthwash, cold water, and denture cleaning solution; the choice is yours. To get the best result, make sure to scrub thoroughly scrub the dentures inside and outside.

Moreover, avoid hot water for dentures and soak them nightly. As they need to be kept moist when not worn out so they can lose their shape. Not only this but also your soft reline lasts approximately one or two years, not more than that.


In a nutshell, follow the above-mentioned points to avoid any complications.