Computer User Pro Tips That You Did Not Know Before

As a computer technician, I often see people who are far too casual about their computer. They may have come to me or another tech because their computer isn’t booting up, is slow, has crashed, etc, but before they even bring it over to my shop they’ve already begun using the broken machine again. Some of these users could have done something as simple as backing up all of their files instead of continuing to use the busted system since doing so would take only a few minutes at best and save them from losing years worth of work.

All it takes for the average user to accomplish this feat is inserting an external hard drive into their PC’s USB port then clicking “backup now” on system utility offers that functionality (such as Acronis True Image or Easeus ToDo backup). I have seen people who have lost work because they didn’t do this.

Mouse & Keyboard Related Tasks

Recently there has been a lot of discussion as to whether the use of free autoclickers for mac, macros and other hardware assisted software is considered good. They make tasks and game play easier.

While we do not condone cheating in any way at all, we understand that it is an integral part of some games like some tower defense games, where you are fighting against the clock. Now I am not sure if this applies to League of Legends, but based on our testing it does not appear that any form of autoclicker is banned.

This is only true for hardware assisted autoclickers however. If you have a mouse with additional macro buttons then these are not allowed. Additionally the use of any software that injects code into League of Legends is not allowed. The infamous Leaguecraft scripts (the ones that poll your screen for information like enemy champions health and abilities) are not allowed because they allow you to see things you would otherwise be unable to see, which is considered unfair.

There are no autoclickers currently allowed that allow your mouse to move the screen for you, so use of programs like Mouse Recorder are not allowed.

This is what I found on Leaguecraft these past few weeks and probably most of the people heard it before but this time you can feel better about using autoclicker or macro in game without getting banned.

USB & Backups

Don’t want to use an external USB hard drive? That’s okay! Users can also back up their files using a CD, which takes no more than five minutes of time and the process is just as simple. You don’t have to spend money on blank discs either if you are already burning your own data onto discs for other reasons, since you can back up all of your files by sending them to disk with Windows Explorer (it’s simply known as “Send To” in XP). And even better yet, most modern computers come with free software called SyncToy that backs everything up automatically.

Since I’m on the topic of automated backups, users should also consider setting their computers to automatically start before work. Although many people think that this is only for gamers, it’s actually beneficial for everyone! If you’re the type of person who likes to sit down in front of your computer first thing in the morning or if you take your laptop everywhere with you, then having your system wake itself up and login will save you time since it’s already warm from being shut down instead of starting cold. Also, having all of your background programs loaded will make them run faster once booted because they are already cached into memory (just like if you were turning off a video game console without powering down everything inside).

Make Your PC Faster Than Ever

This concept can be applied to any user of any Windows operating system. I am speaking about using Win+L to lock your desktop instead of clicking on the little icon in the task bar that takes more time to do, shutting down your machine via Start > Shut Down or by holding Shift + Ctrl + Alt then pressing down Power > Shut Down… which is more convenient if you are already logged into Windows (just make sure you save all work first).

Start > Run can also be good for anyone looking to save some time. Assuming you have only one printer installed, typing \\servername\printername will open up a new window where users can select their default printer quickly without having to look around through Control Panel. Typ “shell:sendto” in Start > Run in order to open up a window where you can send files via Bluetooth, email, or what have you. Putting your CD drives in your Send To folder is also good for this same reason.

Ease of Opening Folders

A quick task that many people do not know about is opening up certain folders directly with the keyboard instead of having to click around through My Computer. For example, typing C:\Users\username will bring users directly into their user directory when typed correctly on most Windows systems (the main exception being Vista). Typing cd.. after entering the above command will bring users back one level. You can then drag and drop items from your desktop into this directory for fast access; many people place shortcuts here well. Typing “shell:startup” in Start > Run will bring up everything inside the Startup folder so you know what is loading at startup time. Typing “C:\Program Files” (or whatever your Program Files directory may be called) will open up the main directory of Windows programs instead of having to browse through it yourself.

Some Essential PC Shortcuts

To close this article, I would like to leave everyone with a list of shortcuts that are good for anyone looking to make their PC work more efficiently:

  1. Windows key + R = run dialog box
  2. Ctrl + Shift + Esc = task manager
  3. Ctrl + C = copy highlighted item(s)
  4. Shift+Del = delete without sending item(s) to recycle bin
  5. Shift+Ins = paste into new location
  6. Ctrl + Z = undo
  7. Ctrl + Y = redo
  8. Ctrl + X = cut selected item(s)
  9. Shift+Del = delete selected item(s) permanently without sending to recycle bin
  10. F2 key = rename highlighted file(s) or folder(s)