5 Best Universities To Study Sustainability In China

Study In China
Study In China

5 best education universities in China

After completion of twelve years of education from college everyone wishes to pursue higher education from a well-known university. Most of the people apply for foreign scholarships which are offered by various universities of world. China is among all those countries which offers scholarships for International students. Like every university in world, Chinese universities offer undergraduate programs (which is basically based on four years of studying and research), graduate program with two years of studying and research in any discipline. These universities also offer short term diplomas in different courses such as science, technology and silence etc.

education universities in China

education universities in China

  • Tsinghua University of Haidian:

Tsinghua University is one of the best university of China which is located at Beijing and its establishment dates back to the era of 90’s. The exterior of the building represent the traditional style so perfectly yet some of the departments are built with the addition of western touch to its architecture. This university is based on more than fifty departments and twenty schools, including history, International Relations, Arts, engineering, science departments and offers degree of law as well. A large number of student associations work under the tag of this university as it allows the students a database for their research. These associations work in science, arts and of course for public welfare.


  • Institute of Science and Technology:

China believes in industrial development which is why it has the biggest institute for learning the basics of science and technology. In Hefei city of China a research institute, which is known as University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is established with the main purpose of promoting and understanding scientific and technological advancements on earth. The university comprises of more than fourteen schools including software engineering, political and natural sciences among different disciplines of technology. In order to study the physical sciences with much concentration and to conduct a research on micro scale the university has built two labs which are (HNLPS) Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences and (NSRF) National Synchrotron Radiation Facility. This university is the only university in entire country which provide this facility of research on micro scale to the students.

Chinese Universities

Chinese Universities

  • University in Hubei:

Wuhan University was founded in1893 in China which annually selects the merit based students and about thousands of students are studying there. It offers different graduation programs including MPhil based on research work and thesis. It university is located in Hubei district of China which offers scholarships for International students.

  • The Ancient University of Zhejiang:

Other than the modest and advanced universities, Zhejiang University is one of the ancient university of China which gives a vast options of disciplines for the students to select and make their career. Apparently more than twelve schools are offered by this university which deals with arts, department of agriculture, engineering, department of sciences (social, political, natural), business management and technology. It also have a separate department for the academic school of philosophy. Zhejiang University have political ties with some foreign universities of world including University of Sydney, University of Columbia, Toronto and Manchester.

  • Fudan University:

Fudan University is an International university which focuses on teaching all the courses on International level as English is the main theme of language which is practiced while teaching the courses to students. This university has also some links with University of Toronto, University of Sydney and many more International universities. Fudan University also focuses on the promotion and practice of art as it has introduced different disciplines along with other disciplines related to science, technology and business.

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