5 Best Team Management Apps For Sustainable Management

Team Management Apps
Team Management Apps

Now a days most of the people tend to work online from their homes as it is quite convenient way of earning. Many people start a small local business at their place and keep a check and balance on the whole team involved in the particular business via online applications which are designed with the basic purpose of management of all the team. Sending emails to employees and live long meetings make it a very complicated and time taking process. While the online apps make it easier for the person running a business to create a direct link with all the employee.

  • Slack – The social hub of communication

An online app named Slack is designed specifically for businessmen to keep in touch with every member of the team, constantly. It creates a hub or center for all kinds of continuous communication allowing the users to make specific threats for planning particular project or event. It makes it much easier for the marketers to manage their work via this channel of communication. It also allows the users to communicate via text messages and this app supports video and audio calls too.

5 Best Team Management Apps For Sustainable Management

5 Best Team Management Apps For Sustainable Management

  • Channel to connect via email:

Zoho workplace is an app which has advanced features as it allows email connectivity with all other features enabled which circulates all the information to the team members. It also allows the users with the option of word processing. It basically is the full package which allows the user to set up a channel with help of different options which the app already provides. This channel then operates according to each member’s need in case of handling data and making new projects.

  • Workspace for new projects:

Managing projects and starting new conversations with basic concern of getting new deals is always a complicated task to handle via emails. Podio is an app which is designed as a solution to all these issues as by using it users can go for new conversations for creating new spaces for the business or for particular project. The workspace created this way also drags the attention of many freelancers who take interest in the projects related to their field of work. Thus it allows the widespread conversation facility which is very helpful for the team members for adding new projects to the business.

  • Video conferences :

Most of the apps keep the conversations limited to text messages and emails only. A few of them allows the feature where the user can avail the facility of voice or video calling which basically is more effective in term of business matters. Fuze is an app which allows the users to make audio and video calls which is much appreciated by the marketers as in most of the case they use it for video conferences as a perfect alternative for live meetings.

  • Increasing the productive channel:

Recently an app is designed especially for marketers that works as a tracking device as it includes proper desktop settings and web. Hubstaff is created with the main aim of creating more productivity. It is operated on the the computers which the team members use in order to keep the record of their activities.

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